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Green-gold-patterned Xipi-Lacquer Bottle Vase

Green-gold-patterned Xipi-Lacquer Bottle Vase

Artist: GAN Erke

Materials: Natural lacquer, ramie, ancient tile ash, mineral pigments and gold foils
Size: H183mm x D80 mm

Year: 2020

  • This bottle draws inspiration from the slender-necked vessels of the Tang Dynasty. With its trumpet-shaped opening, elongated neck, rounded body, and circular base, it exhibits a refined elegance. The texture is delicate, adorned with shimmering golden specks that exude a sense of opulence, reminiscent of the Tang style.


    Crafted using natural lacquer, linen, and ancient brick and tile ash in adherence to age-old techniques, the form of this article is a testament to its origins. The bottle's narrow neck adds a layer of intricacy to its production, particularly when it comes to the inner walls and base of the neck. In spite of these challenges, the overall appearance of the vessel is sleek, akin to jade. The inner rim, base, and round foot are meticulously polished, resulting in a robust, even, and rich black finish.


    This creation manages to capture the essence of its historical counterpart, standing as a contemporary masterpiece within the realm of lacquer art.

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