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The Voyages of the Art of Lacquer 1.6 - 25.6.2018


The Gallery by SOIL presents a joint exhibition of lacquer masters and designers:

Saeko Ando Vietnam Franck (Kaiho) Cengizalp France Chau So-hing Hong Kong Chen Ming-zong Taiwan Veronica Gritsenko Myanmar Natsuki Kurimoto Japan Lin Yu-ju Taiwan

Lacquer has almost become a forgotten art. It has a long history in China. The oldest lacquer ware discovered dates back to the Warring States period. It has then been transferred to Japan and other Southeast Asia countries. This exhibition attempts presenting the art of lacquer as to how it has been evolving and changing over time as masters and artists across different cultures experiment with different techniques and materials. The audience will find it amazing to see the diversity of the art of lacquer and to appreciate more about the cultural aspect of this art. 


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