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Support to Revive Wajima 重建輪島

Latest update: 9.5.2024

The above article from a local newspaper Hokkoku 20.02.2024 is excerpted as follows: 

Mr. Takashi Wakamiya, who leads the team of the "Hikoju Makie, relocated to Kanazawa City after an earthquake devastated their workshop in Wajima. Despite battling cancer, he is determined to provide job opportunities and preserve the art of lacquer. The team's office, workshop, and craftsmen's residences were severely damaged, and they tragically lost one of their artists. Mr. Wakamiya, along with his manager, Ms Wawa Kao, established a relief center and appealed for support while encouraging Wajima residents to seek refuge in Kanazawa. They are currently organizing salvaged artworks and tools and working towards rebuilding their workshop. Their long-term goal is to return to Wajima. Despite the challenges they face, Mr. Wakamiya and his team remain hopeful that their continued efforts will revitalize the art of lacquer and bring hope back to Wajima.

北國新聞 20.02.2024 報導「彥十蒔繪」的情況 摘錄如下:



Status of SOIL's collaborators based in Wajima

  • Takashi Wakamiya, founder and director of Hikoju Makie. (Please find more details of Hikoju Makie Revival Project at the Website on how to support.)

  • Wajima Kirimoto, his workshop and his family members (Their ancestral home is severely damaged - Please support to purchase Kirimoto family’s lacquer products directly from their online store.)

  • Akito Akagi (Please support his new book to launch. The Japanese version was originally scheduled to be released early this year. The exhibition originally scheduled for this year in Hong Kong has been postponed until further notice.)

  • Jun Anzai (Please visit his website for his latest updates.)

  • Katsuji Kamata (Please visit his online shop.)

  • Hakose Atelier (The atelier is badly damaged and it may take a longer time for them to resume the production.)

曾與SOIL 合作的夥伴現況:

若宮隆志 彦十蒔絵創辦及主理人(請見網站,支緩他們拯救延續輪島職人的技術計畫)

Wajima Kirimoto 桐本家族 (其祖屋破損至為嚴重╴請支持直接購買桐本家族的漆藝產品。)

Akito Akagi 赤木明登及其工房 (請支持赤木先生的新書,原定日文版今年初發行。原定今年在香港的展覽延期至另行通知。)

Jun Anzai 安西淳 (請到網站關注他的近況。)

Katsuji Kamata 鎌田克慈 (可在他的網店支持及購買他的作品。)

Hakose Atelier 箱瀨工房 (現時工房損壞甚大,需時重建。請見網站他們接受支緩的方法。)

View this short film 收看短片 -

Japan earthquake: Saving Wajima’s lacquerware tradition 日本地震: 拯求輪島漆藝傳統


Snap shots of my first time visit to Wajima in 2016

After the earthquake in January 2024

Wajima's famous morning market is a symbol of this city's prosperity. Some old lacquer shops have been completely destroyed due to disastrous fire after the earthquake. As you can imagine, this natural disaster affected many families.   Historic buildings, cultural relics and infrastructure have been damaged. While it may take some time for people to return to normal life, many of these are impossible to restore.    At present, we have managed to be in touch with our collaborators who are based in Wajima. They all responded that they are safe with their families and co-workers.  However, their houses and workshops are ruined. Works, materials and tools have been lost.   No words can really help to comfort them and ease the loss they bear.  The only thing we can do is to support them firmly, to rebuild Wajima, revive the lacquer industry of Wajima, and carry on. I will personally make a donation and will follow up with them closely to enable them to resume working.

Please stay tuned with us for any update or activities aiming to support these ateliers and artisans in Wajima to recover and revive. 

輪島著名的朝市,是輪島繁華的象徵,有些漆藝老店,現在因地震後禍延至火災都完全破壞了。可以想像,這場天災影響了許多家庭。歷史文物、基礎設施都被破壞,需要長時間才能恢復正常。現時曾與SOIL 合作的夥伴我們都已經逐一跟進,全部都回應他們和同事們現時都是安全的,但許多房屋、作品、材料都遺散、破損,損失慘重,隔岸的我,什麼說話也無法可安撫他們的傷痛和苦惱。唯一可以,就是更堅定地支援他們繼續創作,重建輪島,復興和傳承輪島塗的漆藝文化。

我們會適時匯報他們的情況。但需要協助的人不限於此,希望大家會持續關注相關資訊 - 讓輪島的漆藝人可持續地製作,就是最好的支持。

Susanna Pang


The Gallery by SOIL



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