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Commissioning Lacquer Art

A private client is connoisseur of Chinese seals. His precious white jade seal is to be contained in this exquisite gourd-shaped seal case with lift-off lid.

The challenge is about the precision and craftsmanship of both the wood and lacquer making which require extremely meticulous work and patience.

This seal case is tiny in size. Of a wood substrate, the raised-rim has to be properly levelled and mounted to ensure that all is well made.

As requested by the client, the box is completed with an inscription by “chinkin”, which means submerged gold. A blade is used to cut lines or dots into a lacquered surface. Fine gold powder is then inlaid in the grooves, creating a delicate design.

We have been lucky to work with the marvellous team Hikoju Makie led by Takashi Wakamiya based in Wajima, Ishikawa prefecture of Japan.

Project consultant and management Wawa Kao and The Gallery by SOIL @soil_hongkong


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