FANG Laidong

Fang Laidong was born in Anhui Province, China in 1994. He graduated with a double bachelor degree in Arts and Science in 2016.  He obtained the master degree in Arts from South- Central University for Nationalities in 2019.  He currently devotes to working on lacquer artworks. He founded his Oriental Lacquer Art Studio in 2019, mainly on modern lacquer design, and everyday lacquerware, based in Wuhan.


He is always inspired by nature and Chinese Taoism.  He has created a series of works relating to incense, that the fragrance of incense can be appreciated at the same time with the artworks.  As a young artist, his talent is highly recognised and since 2016 his works have been selected for major lacquer art exhibitions namely The Lacquer Art of National Higher Education Exhibition and 2019 Hubei International Triennial of Lacquer Art in Wuhan, China.

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