Takashi WAKAMIYA若宮隆志

Master Takashi Wakamiya 若宮隆志, an acclaimed lacquer artist, excels in traditional lacquer techniques with a high mastery level. He has developed an interest in creating imitation pieces, such as East Asian historical objects, which are bronze or ceramic and use lacquer techniques to make the exact replicas. His studio Hikoju Makie in Wajima, Japan, creates these “imitations” with such remarkable exactness that the lacquerwares fools onlookers. Much more than creating decorative pieces, the lacquerwares have interesting sculptural forms and superbly subtle colours that make three-dimensional replica artefacts unique.


Wakamiya was awarded the Japan Cultural Envoy of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Ground prize of the International Urushi Exhibition in 2014. He exhibited in China, France, Russia, and United Kingdom, including his works at the University Museum and Art Gallery of The University of Hong Kong in 2016. Wakamiya’s lacquer artworks were chosen to become a part of the permanent collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, UK and Museum of Lacquer Art in Muenster, Germany.

若宮隆志 蒔繪 日本漆藝 工藝品 香港

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