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"The Biological Paradise" Maki-e Inkstone Box

"The Biological Paradise" Maki-e Inkstone Box



Artist: Takashi WAKAMIYA

Materials: Natural lacquer, wood, gold powder, inlays of shell, a moon-shaped ink stone, water dropper

Size: H43mm x W270mm x D210mm

Year: 2020


(Original box signed by the artist)



  • Rockfish (Iwana岩魚) inhabits in mountain streams in Japan. It is small but has a strong appetite. It has white spots on its back and yellowish orange spots on its stomach. Rockfish can only survive in cold and clear streams, where water temperature does not exceed 15 degrees. It requires a lot of oxygen to keep active and its large amount of exercise and therefore is often seen in turbulent streams.

    The pattern design on this inkstone box is borrowed from the vivid story in the picture book "Iwana". The story describes vividly different lives that inhabit in  rivers and forests  which we may not be fully aware of.  It symbolises that the clue of life lies in conformity to nature, not only to treat organic and inorganic matters in nature well, but also to effectively follow the laws of life in order to maintain ecosystems and protect natural life.