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Prajna Maki-e Incense box

Prajna Maki-e Incense box

Code: WAKAMIYA 20  |  Incense box


Artist: Takashi WAKAMIYA

Materials: Natural lacquer, wood, mineral pigments, inlays of shell , various metal plates.

Size: H20mm x D79mm
Year: 2023


(Original box signed by the artist)

  • This maki-e incense box depicts a hannya mask inspired by Buddhism. The title of this work “Prajna” suggests the meaning of the wisdom of the Buddha. The geometric pattern inside illustrates a mandala that interprets time and space using intricate decorative techniques such as “Raden”(shell inlay) and “Hyomon”.   “Hyomon" is one of the decoration techniques of lacquer art, in which a thin metal plate such as gold, silver, brass, or tin is cut into a pattern and pasted on the lacquer surface.

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