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Silhouette - Swimming in the Sky

Silhouette - Swimming in the Sky

Code: MURATA05


Artist: Yoshihiko MURATA

Materials: Natural lacquer, wood

Size: H50mm x W550mm x D205mm


(Original box signed by the artist)



  • Yoshihiko MURATA said, "I try to create forms that are beautiful from all angles, and I have learned that a fine surface brings out the beauty of these lines. Now the swallows are flying. I can feel the line of their motion. I seem to find lovely lines in all of nature … the flight of birds … the changes in a plant as it grows … the ridgelines of mountains … These beautiful lines are the things I try to express in my work. When I first saw works of lacquer I had the mysterious feeling in my heart that the lacquer surface was like a negative shade. So I began to create pieces on that theme. I wanted to express the shadows by using lacquer, and when I used a spotlight I could see all the internal shadows."

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