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Red-gold-patterned Xipi-Lacquer Small Circular Case

Red-gold-patterned Xipi-Lacquer Small Circular Case

Artist: GAN Erke

Materials: Natural lacquer, ramie, ancient tile ash, mineral pigments and materials

Size: H52 x D72 mm

Year: 2019

  • Xipi-Lacquer is one of the most difficult craftsmanships among all kinds of lacquer decoration techniques. It is made by stacking a variety of colour lacquer in layers to form patterns, followed up by grinding and smoothing. The best Xipi-Lacquer piece is usually bright in colour, smooth, tender and plump when it is touched by hand. The surface of this circular case is painted with red-gold-patterned Xipi-lacquer, with the raw materials made of coral, gold and other fine powders, forming such gorgeous, bright and dazzling colours. The interior of the case is well polished with black lacquer, as black as mysterious jade, which allows light to be discerned.

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