Shadow 2

Shadow 2

Code: OU02

Artist: OU Tingzhu

Materials: Natural lacquer, wood, ash and ramie

Size: H284mm x W175mm x D10mm
Year: 2021

  • Ou's lacquer creations are always experimental. He is obsessed with the light weight of lacquer creation which is one of the unique characteristics of this craft form. 

    Audience’s eyes are sometimes fooled by the appearance of his works to recognise them as vessel made of ceramics or clay. In fact, his works are made of what has been in reality obtained with layers of lacquer finely applied on hemp cloth. Inspired by natural light and shadow, he intentionally keeps his works in black and white colours. At the same time, Ou explores the shades between these extreme colours and seek to create the gradation of colours. He likes the texturous, matt surface of the works in contrast to the conventional glossy lacquerware.