HONG Yidong


Hong Yidong 洪乙棟 was born in Shanxi, China, in 1983; and graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and obtained his Master’s Degree in mural painting and lacquer painting in 2009. Hong’s artistic practices consist of painting, ceramic and Jinshan. He is well versed in different lacquer art techniques such as the Xipi, Maki-e, inlays of shells and eggshell from traditional application to reinvention.


“The process of lacquer art creation is always full of surprises. The artwork is always covered until the final polishing. It is so mysterious and exciting as if I were a child digging a treasure.”


“I enjoy being alone since my childhood. I am sensitive to the surroundings and nature. It has become my back door to a secret garden, and lacquer art is my key.” 

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