Born in Okayama, Japan, Akito Akagi started his career as a

magazine editor.  He decided to move to Wajima, Ishikawa in 1988, and began his apprenticeship on lacquerware making.  Akagi works independently since 1994.

Akagi advocated that lacquer art should be integrated into

everyday life.  He is also recognised as one of those who

actively promotes Japanese lacquer making in a contemporary context.  His inspiration comes from those pieces of the old days and ancient times which he found in temples or locally in Wajima.  Akagi’s works blend traditional aesthetics with modern style.

"I feel the vitality of many old things.  They give me a sense of freedom that is deep and precipitated.  It is the basis of my creation.  These old things are no longer confined to the beauty of their own. This is what I strive to achieve.”

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