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Sachiko KURODA


Sachiko Kuroda 黑田沙知子 graduated in 2008 from the Kanazawa College of Art, Japan and obtained her Master Degree from the Urushi Department in 2010. Kuroda attended courses from 2010 to 2013 at the Utatsuyama Craft Workshop in Ishikawa, Japan. She had her first major solo exhibition of lacquer works at Arai Atelier Gallery in Tokyo in 2015. Kuroda’s solo exhibitions were held at Gallery Keifu in Kyoto and Nihonbashi Takashimaya Arts and Crafts Salon in Tokyo.


Kuroda enjoys experimenting with different materials such as Raden, eggshells and metal powder in her art creations. Her works are always unique in shape and designed delicately with exquisite decoration. Kuroda travelled intensively to show her artworks in Japan and Europe, namely Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art in Kyoto, The Museum of Arts & Crafts Itami in Hyogo, and Musterring International in Germany. Her works had been presented at the COLLECT Art Fair from 2015 to 2019 in London, UK, and were collected by the Utatsuyama Craft Workshop in Ishikawa, Japan and V&A Museum in London, UK.


“I am obsessed with the lacquer decoration. Many of my works are inspired by nature, such as flowers, birds, snow and rain.”

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