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Chinese Zodiac Signs Sake Cups (Full Set of 12)

Chinese Zodiac Signs Sake Cups (Full Set of 12)

Code: HAKOSE01


Artist: Junichi HAKOSE

Materials: Natural lacquer, wood, gold powder, inlays of shell

Size: H70mm x W670mm x D350mm
Year: 2020


(Original box signed by the artist)



  • Hakose was a fast learner with a strong character of persistence and he learned all the processes of Wajima lacquerware. The difficulties of the formation pushed him to learn always more, because he thought that at least, he would go out of this difficult period with a good know-how. Today, he’s one of the most internationally acclaimed Japanese lacquer artists, but his desire is to have his works used everyday by his clients. He runs his own workshop and takes several apprentices to pass on his knowledge.