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Hexagonal Two-tiered Box

Hexagonal Two-tiered Box



Artist: Genta HAYASHI

Materials: Natural lacquer, magnolia wood, and linen

Size: H148mm x W241mm x D259mm
Year: 2022


(with artist's signed box)

  • The Jubako box is made out of six pieces of well crafted wood, and combined by using linen. This technique creates very sturdy edges and solid base. It is painted with black lacquer and finally with lacquer with vermillion pigment. The luxurious looking box can be display beautifully on the dining table and also enhances the colour of the food. As a Japanese functional ware named Jūbako (重箱, literally mean tiered boxes)  can store and serve various kinds of food warm or cold, such as candies, canapes and sushi.

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