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Brown Sparkling ‘Lujiaosha’ Lacquer Octagonal Vase

Brown Sparkling ‘Lujiaosha’ Lacquer Octagonal Vase

Artist: GAN Erke

Materials: Natural lacquer, ramie, ancient tile ash, mineral pigments, deer antler powders and gold particles
Size: H210mm x D110 mm

Year: 2020

  • The design of this piece draws inspiration from the coloured porcelain octagonal bottles found concealed within the underground chambers of the Famen Temple (Shaanxi Province) during the Tang Dynasty.

    The bottle octagonal in shape, exhibits a slender, straight-necked profile, featuring rounded lips and shoulders. Its body takes on a melon-like shape, with a circular base lending it an extravagant touch. Notably, corresponding octagonal ribbed patterns grace the juncture of the bottle's neck and body, forming a pattern reminiscent of ascending steps. The entire body is a juxtaposition of straight lines and arcs, creating a visual contrast that highlights the intricate interplay between long and short lines. This meticulous arrangement introduces a captivating sense of regularity, resulting in an elegant and dignified form that exudes an extraordinary presence. Such qualities are rare even in ancient imperial porcelain.

    Master Gan's creations transcend mere shape, embodying a spirit that extends beyond form. The dimensions are meticulously calculated and impeccably maintained. Gazing from the top to the bottom, the circular opening gracefully evolves into eight vertically-aligned ridges, running seamlessly in tandem. The musculature.

    Master Gan's innovation in traditional lacquer artistry is exemplified in the external application of antler sand. By skillfully integrating finely ground antler particles and a balanced measure of gold particles into the lacquer, he achieves a refined, fluid texture. At first glance, the piece presents itself as an integral whole, adorned with an elegant, subdued brown hue. Yet, upon closer inspection, it transforms into an abstract composition crafted from meticulously layered fine sand, with hints of the subtly included gold particles. The resulting lacquer patterns possess an air of unpredictability, each section revealing a unique element.

    The interior and circular base of the clean bottle are masterfully polished, ensuring a solid, even, rich black surface that mimics the smoothness of a mirror. When viewed from the opening, the reflection of one's own eyes meeting the surface below evokes profound contemplation.

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