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" A Running Mackerel" Maki-e Wine Cup

" A Running Mackerel" Maki-e Wine Cup

Code: WAKAMIYA16  |  Wine Cup


Artist: Takashi WAKAMIYA

Materials: Natural lacquer, wood, gold powder

Size: H48mm x φ79mm
Year: 2021


(Original box signed by the artist)

  • Mackerel is a kind of fish that stinks quickly. It isn't easy to maintain its freshness. Imagine if it is transformed into a 3-legged half-murloc that can sprint, and maybe it can be preserved better. Its freshness will be even better if it puts on the pink sneakers developed in the modern days that can enhance his running speed! This is a wine cup filled with humour.

    Looking closely, the mackerel wears a garment with an auspcious pattern, "shippo watsunagi". It literally means "seven treasures" symbolising prosperity and fortune.   The foot of the cup primarily in red and black lacquer with triangular-shaped decorations in colours seeminlgly like gold, silver and bronze, representing the highest levels of athletic achievement.

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