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Liberation and Harmony

Liberation and Harmony

Code: HS14


Artist: Haruka SOTOME

Materials: Natural lacquer, linen, eggshell, pargasite crystal , gold leaf

Size: H120mm x W70mm x D70mm
Year: 2023

  • SOTOME’s works are vibrant in colours and glamorous. She deliberately using or sometimes  exacerbating stereotypical female's objects as the subject of her creations. Her forms usually appear bold and exaggerate to imply the empowerment of females. The "Perfume Bottle" series embodies this concept. SOTOME feels that wearing perfume is like putting on the armour to protect a female and  making her feel secured.  The "perfume bottle” is made of "natural lacquer", a sap that has been regarded as warding off evil spirits since ancient times which she sees as a powerful medium.

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