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From one stream II

From one stream II

Code: MURATA18

Artist: Yoshihiko MURATA

Materials: Natural lacquer, maple

Size: H365mm x W105mm x D40mm

Year: 2023

  • The “silhouettes” series originates from the concept of "shadow" in traditional Japanese aesthetic concept. The momentary beauty of creatures and plants, the sound of wind and the scent of flowers that resonate with the five senses, are all reflected in the depths of darkness and the shadows created by reflections.

    The Japanese word "kage (かげ)" includes not only shadows caused by light, but also darkness, images of people and things, memories, hallucinations, and ephemeral things, all of the above. The forms of the works are born by connecting the emotions and feelings that I get from their "silhouettes" with the emotions and feelings I get from nature, which is the root of my decision on the outline of the works.


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