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Mottled Brown Flowing-Lacquer Censer

Mottled Brown Flowing-Lacquer Censer

Artist: GAN Erke

Materials: Natural lacquer, ramie, ancient tile ash, mineral pigments
Size: H142 x D110 mm

Year: 2015

  • This piece pays homage to white porcelain censers crafted at the Cizhou kiln during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). Similarily shaped censers can also be seen in traditional Buddhist paintings. The distinctive features for these censers are: a rim with a thick, naturally drooping lip that forms a gentle sloping arc. The furnace interior is circular in shape, while the base flares open in a trumpet shape. It's divided into three progressively larger tiers. The appearance is both regular and stable, yet exudes an air of elegance and lightness.


    The surface of this lacquerware is adorned with brown flow-color lacquer, meticulously polished. Liucai lacquer extends and transforms the rhinoceros lacquer technique. Special lacquer methods are employed during production to allow the light brown lacquer to flow freely over the dark base, blending harmoniously. This creates a captivating effect akin to the transformation of porcelain in a kiln.

    Despite the small size, this piece work is remarkably refined and timelessly elegant.

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