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The Gallery by SOIL and Contemporary Crafts Centre present "Use-fullness" 22.1 - 15.3.2022



the quality or fact of being useful.




the quality of being complete.

We always appreciate the functional aspect of contemporary lacquerware as they can form an essential party of everyday life. Lacquerware is coated with treated sap extracted from lacquer trees that dries to a very hard and smooth surface. The lacquer sheath can withstand acid, alkali, alcohol and high temperature which makes every ware durable, waterproof and look attractive.


“The Box of Party Time” two-tiered box set by Genta Hayashi

Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, 1992

Based in Osaka, Japan

Natural lacquer, Magnolia wood, tin powder, linen (with artist’s signed box); H12.5cm x Diameter 20cm

Handcrafted from Magnolia wood, this two-tiered box set is elegantly formed by 10 flower patal-like panels. The entirely surface is lacquered and decorated to produce the distinctive black and tin colour checkered pattern. Each tier contains removable compartments in different designs perfect for storing candies and other edible goods, which make this box set highly functional and presentable.

Process of making


“Flowering Plum” Two-tiered box set by Genta Hayashi

Natural lacquer, Magnolia wood, linen (with artist’s signed box); H14cm x Diameter 26cm

Process of making


“Silver Lining” Lacquered wood wares by Yosuke Urakami

Graduated from Tokyo's Kuwasawa Design School, 2016

Based in Zaō town located in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

Natural lacquer, Japanese Horse Chestnut wood, Silver-foil, charcoal-dyed; in various sizes

Yosuke Urakami pays attention to detail and ensures that his works not only retain the original appearance and texture of the wood, but also reflect the beauty that lacquer art adds to the work. He is fond of using silver foil in his creations. The vulcanized silver foil can produce a smoky effect, and create a stunning vintage speckles pattern.


“Touch of Elegance” Lacquered box series by Li Chuanyi

Graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, 2019

Raised in Hong Kong and now based in Beijing, China

Natural lacquer, inlay of shells, Paulownia wood

Li’s vision is to vitalise lacquer art, and empower traditional craftsmanship with design. The lacquer box series is her reflection on lacquer making and everyday utensils. In the process she explores traditional craftsmanship through design that stimulates new ideas, and produces unconventional effects.


Lunar New Year business hours


1-7.2022 Closed for holidays

初一至七 假期

8.2.2022 onwards Normal hours

初八啓市 12:00-6pm

Tue-Sun 周二至周日


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