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Kaleidoscope of the Lacquer Arts by Hong Yidong 27.10 - 25.11.2018


Paintings .  Vessels .  Jinshan . Born in Shanxi, China, in 1983, Hong graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2009 with a master's degree in mural painting and lacquer painting. “The process of lacquer art creation is always full of surprises. The artwork is always covered until the finial polishing. It is so mysterious and exciting as if I were a child digging a treasure.” “I enjoy being alone since my childhood.  I am sensitive to the surroundings, and the nature. It has become my back door to a secret garden and lacquer art is my key.”



1/ 分享洪乙棟的漆藝生活及創作歷程

2/ 漆藝作品類別簡介

3/ 中國金繕的歷史、文化

4/ 感受修復之美:漆繕與柴燒陶瓷的結合

5/ 裝飾技法:貝殼、蛋殻、犀皮

6/ 金繕鑑賞:歡迎帶同自己的收藏作品交流與欣賞

7/ 交流及討論


時間 : 下午 3:00 - 5:00

地點:上環普慶坊52號地下 The Gallery by SOIL

主持:漆藝顧問彭碧翠 Susanna Pang




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