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Collection Highlights - Akito AKAGI 2019/2020

SOIL- Akito-AKAGI-Lacquer-Art漆藝

A special selection of lacquer boxes by Akito AKAGI.

Handcrafted lacquer box is both functional and in most cases, very well made, which makes it highly collectible.

"Though entirely different from Western celebrations, one of the principal ways of celebrating Japanese New Year is laden with meaning and tradition, but in the form of something neat you can eat. These dishes are known as osechi (お節料理); served in a set of lacquered boxes known as “jubako” (重箱), there is a rich history to each cubby (even the layout!) to these special New Year bento, with layered connotations to each bite."

"The beautiful stuff is that they can become one part of your life and exist for a reason. They are something you can’t and never want to give up."

Video/ Photo courtesy of Shibunkaku


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