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​Portrait of Japanese Artist Jun ANZAI 安西淳.jpg

Born in Tokyo in 1982, Jun Anzai 安西淳 graduated from the Applied Biology Department at Tokyo University of Agriculture in 2004. He then relocated to Kyoto, pursuing his studies in handcrafts at Kyoto College of Traditional Crafts in 2008. Anzai decided to study lacquer making in Wajima and began an apprenticeship with the lacquer master Akito Akaji in 2010. In 2017, he began to develop his career independently to create his unique lacquer art.

Anzai’s works are always minimal, which highlight the beauty of shape and form. The lacquerware remains modest and yet elegant. His works are usually light in weight as he applies the Kanshitsu (dry lacquer) technique in his creation. His works’ appearance sometimes fools audiences’ eyes to recognise them as vessels made of bronze, ceramic or clay. In reality, his lacquerwares are made of hemp cloth and applied with delicate layers of lacquer.

安西淳 乾漆 赤木明登 日本東京 輕巧 漆器 麻布 Japanese Artist Kanshitsu hemp cloth Akito Akagi Vassel lacquer Dy Lacquer

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