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CHEN Mingzong

A portrait of Taiwanese Artist Chen Mingzong 陳明宗

Chen Mingzong 陳明宗 is the founder of the Richu (Sunrise) Lacquer Art Studio. He won numerous international and local awards for his lacquer artworks and creations. He is well known within the Taiwanese lacquer art community, as he is committed to preserving traditional lacquerware-making techniques such as Xipi (literally means rhinoceros skin) and uses natural materials.

Chen's lacquer art is most recognisable for his unique nodular or fluid patterns. They are made by applying successive layers of lacquer in different colours and using the mother of pearl, gold, silver, and minerals on the base. After the application of the materials, it formed a raised moulded lacquer layer. It is then polished flat in a somewhat repetitive process, primarily by hand, to reveal the patterns.

陳明宗 變塗漆 犀皮漆 金繼 台灣漆藝

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