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Clia Debras is based in France and founded her studio in 2018. She gained experiences in adding or applying lacquer to her design works during her studies at the ENSAAMA in Paris. She also acquired the knowledge of using traditional lacquer techniques and developed her conceptualisation of new techniques during her studies in Master Diploma in Product Design. 

Debras questions the physical, chemical and aesthetic elements in lacquer making and realises her art pieces as a research laboratory; she believes that lacquer must be the essential material within objects or artworks. As the essential material, lacquer creates a harden and stiffen layer and acts as a waterproof or protection to lacquerware or artworks. Furthermore, Debras develops new manufacturing processes to create a contemporary aesthetic for her lacquerwares. 


She collaborates with major brands such as Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Maison Christofle and L'Oréal Paris. Her works have been exhibited in Paris, France; Münster, Germany and Guangzhou, China.


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