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The Sound of Autumn Insects,  Kuro (Black) Maki-e

The Sound of Autumn Insects, Kuro (Black) Maki-e

Code: WAKAMIYA14  |  Kawari-nuri Document Box


Artist: Takashi WAKAMIYA

Materials: Natural lacquer, wood, inlays of shell

Size:  H65mm x W234mm x L290mm

Year: 2021


(Original box signed by the artist)




  • The corner of this document box is round in shape without any sharp angle. It imitates the piece of Shibata Zeshin, a well-known lacquer master in the Edo period. The metallic-like surface is achieved by black lacquer, which is only used as the base and to depict the appearance of autumn plants and insects. This finishing is called Kuro (Black) maki-e. A bollworm, also known as “Pine Worm (Matsu-mushi)” is decorated with raden at the corner of the box. “Pine” is pronounced as “Matsu” in Japanese, which has the same meaning as “to wait”. It carries the wishful meaning of anticipating good news and good things to happen.