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“The Box of Party Time” Two-tiered Box

“The Box of Party Time” Two-tiered Box



Artist: Genta HAYASHI

Materials: Natural lacquer, magnolia wood, and linen

Size: H125mm x W205mm x D200mm
Year: 2022


(with artist's signed box)

  • With his mastery of the wood-carving technique, Genta Hayashi has created well-shaped small pieces of wood. These pieces of wood have been further glued together and shaped into the present tent-like shape. To enhance the wood, the artist had further added linen to strengthen the wood before applying lacquer with tin, platinum and charcoal powder. 

    The final motif of the lacquer box is the beautifully shaped like a circus’s tent. The tent-shaped box is to create a sense of fun when opening the box.

    As a Japanese functional ware named Jūbako (重箱, literally mean tiered boxes) inside the box have the removable Y and T shaped dividers which can be dissembled, making it a revolutionary design that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The box and its compact storage can store and serve various kinds of food warm or cold, such as candies, canapes and sushi.

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