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Maki-e of “Two Dragons (In Clouds)” Incense Burner

Maki-e of “Two Dragons (In Clouds)” Incense Burner

Code: WAKAMIYA13  |  Incense Burner


Artist: Takashi WAKAMIYA

Materials: Natural lacquer, wood, silver powder, gold power,inlays of shell, sterling silver

Size: H90mm x φ103mm
Year: 2021


(Original box signed by the artist)

  • The incense burner and its lid are made of wood as substrates. The inner metal ring where incense ashes are placed is made of sterling silver, but black lacquer is applied as a coating to prevent oxidation. The surface design is inspired by the painting  “Two Dragons (In Clouds)” by Kanō Hōgai, which depicts a mother dragon and her child playing in the clouds, thereby expressing the greatness of motherhood. After the death of Kanō’s wife, Kanō incorporated the maternal love of his mother and wife into this painting. The main body of the incense burner adopts the technique of Togidashi maki-e. Raden is also applied to the foot design. 

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