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Brown Sparkling ‘Lujiaosha’ Lacquer Bowl with Gold Rim

Brown Sparkling ‘Lujiaosha’ Lacquer Bowl with Gold Rim

Artist: GAN Erke

Materials: Natural lacquer, ramie, ancient tile ash, mineral pigments, deer antler powders, gold particles, gold foils and gold sheets
Size: H60 x D123 mm

Year: 2019

  •  The design of this piece reflects the distinctive style found in the courts of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It possesses a rounded and dignified appearance, staying true to traditional methods. The rim and base are adorned with gold hoops resembling metal rims, adding to its ancient allure. The craftsmanship showcases precision and a seamless finish, leaving no visible marks. The lacquered surface of the bowl is treated with the antler sand technique, giving rise to faint glimmers of gold particles against a simple backdrop. Meticulous polishing renders the bowl's central area and round base impeccably smooth, firm, and as reflective as a mirror. 


    The antler sand technique was originally served as an embellishment for guqin, a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument played since ancient times by Chinese scholars and literati. Its acoustic principle leverages the porous spaces within antler fibers to amplify sound. When applied to lacquer, the resulting brown granular texture exudes an elegant and emotive quality. This unique feature is greatly admired by connoisseurs of the artform.

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