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Park CHIANG 江柏明 was born in Taipei City, Taiwan, and moved to Shanghai in 2006. He has been in love with vintage and antique since he was young. His interest in the restoration of antiquities stemmed from apprenticeship with his uncle, eminent art collector Mr. Jerry J.I. CHEN in his early career. In 2013, he founded his brand “Ning Ju”. CHIANG’s furniture design creates a dialogue with traditional craft.  He feels inspired in the process of reassembling cultural relics and old pieces. He loves blending these elements with modern materials and techniques, allowing the creative collision between ancient and contemporary times. His contemporary furniture are not only functional, but also offer new expression of the traditional Chinese aesthetics.


As a designer, CHIANG is knowledgeable and well versed in traditional crafts, such as lacquer art, spilt bamboo mount, curved bamboo  and mortise-and-tenon joint carpentry. His design always seek a balance between technology, creativity and aesthetics. In the past 20 years, he involved in many projects across China, including the famous Shanghai Jiujiantang Shile Clubhouse, Hangzhou Jiangnan Club, and Beijing Tahoe villas by the Canal, Tianjin Qingwangfu, etc.

赤木明登 日本漆藝 工藝品 

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